January 26, 2022

2022 Goodwin CLE Day Program – #BigTechBreakUp: What’s to Come in Antitrust for the Tech Sector in 2022

The Federal Government’s focus on Big Tech has spanned several years and seems to be the only area on which parties can agree. With the change in administration, the heads of the FTC and DOJ Antitrust division now sorted, and pending legislation, 2022 may be the year when the government’s scrutiny of BigTech finally comes to a head. Hear from Goodwin Antitrust + Competition Chairs Andrew Lacy and Arman Oruc as they discuss their views on:

  • Priorities for FTC Chair Lina Kahn and Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ’s Antitrust Division Jonathan Kanter 
  • Key provisions of the Ending Platform Monopolies Act and American Choice and Innovation Online Act
  • What tech companies can do to minimize chances of regulatory scrutiny in general business practices and in making acquisitions  

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