Speaking Engagements

PLI Pom Wonderful v. Coca Cola Briefing

July 9, 2014


William M. Jay will provide a briefing on the recently decided U.S. Supreme Court case Pom Wonderful v. Coca Cola. The briefing will cover the factual and procedural history leading up to this decision; the Supreme Court’s analysis of each of Coca-Cola’s arguments and the interplay between the FDCA and the Lanham Act; the Supreme Court’s analysis and rejection of the Government’s position “disagree[ing] with both parties;” the interplay between this opinion and the Lexmark opinion earlier this term; and potential implications for food and beverage companies in managing their labeling and marketing process in view of this decision, and will discuss the false advertising/Lanham Act issues.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.pli.edu/Content/Seminar/emPom_Wonderful_v_Coca_Colaem_Supreme_Court/_/N-4kZ1z129ro?ID=227384.