Speaking Engagements

MCLE: Will & Trust Drafting Master Class... Delve deep into the most complex issues

October 21, 2015
MCLE Conference Center, Ten Winter Place, Boston, Massachusetts


Goodwin Procter's Eric Hayes will participate on this MCLE panel. Good estate planning requires the constant honing of drafting skills, especially with regard to wills and trusts. It is vital that estate planners know how to draft these instruments in a manner that communicates clearly and effectively and also fulfills their clients' needs and wishes. Knowing the basics of drafting is an important start, but knowing finely-tuned nuances and strategies is what really distinguishes an outstanding drafter.

In this program, veteran practitioners address the most important advanced issues in drafting wills and trusts. They provide seasoned advice and insight on a wide range of drafting matters, such as how to increase and limit trust flexibility, how to address the risks inherent in trust administration and how to draft new and technical fiduciary powers. You get the focused attention of experienced drafters and the chance to have your thorniest questions answered.

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