Speaking Engagements

Proxy Disclosure & 21st Annual Executive Compensation Conferences 2024

October 14, 2024 - October 15, 2024
San Francisco Hilton Union Square, 333 O'Farrell St , San Francisco , California, 94102


Goodwin is proud to sponsor the Proxy Disclosure & 21st Annual Executive Compensation Conferences. These conferences will provide guidance and expertise on how to anticipate critical issues and use the annual reporting season to your advantage. They will provide practical action items to protect board and management team to ensure compliance with SEC rules. Goodwin partner Dave Lynn will be speaking on several panels including, "Erik Gerding: The Latest From Corp Fin,"  "The SEC All-Stars: Proxy Season Insights," "Game Show Lightning Round: All-Star Feud," "Climate Disclosures: Your New Action Items," and "The SEC All-Stars: Executive Pay Nuggets."