Press Release
February 8, 2019

HiberCell Launches to Prevent Cancer Relapse and Metastasis with Novel Therapeutics

HiberCell, a biotechnology company developing therapeutics focused on preventing cancer relapse and metastasis, recently launched with $60.75 million in Series A funding led by ARCH Venture Partners. HiberCell is the first company exclusively focused on tumor dormancy detection and therapeutics. Goodwin’s Life Sciences team is advising HiberCell.

Most patients who succumb to cancer do so because of metastatic cancer. Accumulated evidence has demonstrated that cancer recurrence is driven by dormant disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) that persist undetected in the body for prolonged periods of time. In approaching cancer as a systemic disease, the company seeks to detect and therapeutically target the 'Achilles heel' of patient DTCs to prevent or delay metastasis. The company is developing first-in-class therapeutics targeting DTCs originating from solid and liquid cancers.

The Goodwin team includes partner Steve Davis and associate Tim Hurley.

For additional information, please read the company’s press release.