Press Release
January 19, 2022

Goodwin — The Number One Firm for Global M&A in 2021


Goodwin has earned the top position among law firms in Refinitiv’s recently released full-year 2021 league tables for global M&A by deal count.

According to Refinitiv, in 2021 Goodwin advised on 1,083 announced deals valued at $176 billion. This figure represents 106 deals more than the firm’s next closest competitor. Goodwin also led all law firms by acting as principal advisor on 1,081 deals, which represents 99.8% of the firm’s total deal count.

“We are honored that our private equity, technology, life sciences, real estate, financial services, and other clients have embraced our resolute industry-specific focus, resulting in the 2021 M&A global league tables ranking Goodwin as the most prolific law firm in the world, as measured by the number of closed transactions,” said Stuart Cable, Goodwin’s Vice Chairman and Global Head of M&A. “This success is the latest example of the effectiveness of Goodwin’s robust capital-meets-innovation platform, which allows us to meet the needs of both innovators and investors across select industry verticals and geographies.”

In addition to these results, the 2021 league tables from Bloomberg have highly ranked Goodwin for its ability to partner with clients throughout a variety of M&A and Private Equity transactions. These rankings spanned geographies, including Europe and Asia, and once again cemented the firm’s standing as a middle-market leader.

Goodwin’s standout 2021 league tables’ results include:

Refinitiv Global M&A (Deal Count)

  • #1 Global M&A (Announced)
  • #1 Global M&A (Announced, including Withdrawn)
  • #1 Global M&A (Completed)
  • #1 Global M&A Principal Advisors (Announced)
  • #1 Global M&A Principal Advisors (Completed)
  • #1 U.S. Target (Announced)
  • #1 U.S. Target (Completed)
  • #1 Any U.S. Involvement (Announced)
  • #1 Any U.S. Involvement (Completed)

Bloomberg Global M&A (Deal Count)

  • #3 U.S. (Announced)
  • #4 Global (Announced)

Bloomberg Global M&A Mid-Market (Deal Count)

  • #3 U.S. Mid-Market (Up to $500m)
  • #3 U.S. Mid-Market (Up to $250m)
  • #4 Global Mid-Market (Up to $500m)
  • #4 Global Mid-Market (Up to $250m)
  • #4 Global PE (Up to $500m)
  • #5 Global PE (Up to $250m)
  • #5 UK Mid-Market (Up to $500m)
  • #5 UK Mid-Market (Up to $250m)

This success builds upon the firm’s 2020 results, when Goodwin ranked as the number two law firm for global M&A by deal count.