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January 27, 2022

Justice Breyer’s Retirement Could Reshape Supreme Court’s Liberal Wing (Wall Street Journal)


Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement is likely to bring significant changes to the Supreme Court’s diminished liberal minority, even if his departure won’t alter the overall balance of power on a court where conservatives maintain a 6-3 supermajority. Over his 27-year tenure, Justice Breyer, the most moderate of the court’s three current liberal justices, has been a bridge builder who favored a pragmatic approach to the law. “The biggest choice facing his successor, and the liberal wing more generally, will be how much to seek common ground, such as narrower decisions on compromise grounds that leave no one 100% happy,” said William Jay, who leads the Supreme Court and appellate practice at Goodwin. “Justice Breyer was a true believer in that approach.” Read the Wall Street Journal article here.