In the Press
April 12, 2022

Artnet Intelligence Report, Spring 2022 Issue (Artnet News)


The spring 2022 edition of the Artnet Intelligence Report considers what happens when the art market tries to become more like the stock market. Kristopher Brown, a New York City Life Sciences lawyer at Goodwin and fractional owner of Banksy’s Love is in the Air through the start-up Particle, talks about when he first learned about fractional NFT ownership. He said, "It really came together for me when I read the article on Particle in the New York Times. Adam Lavine [the company’s cofounder] shared it with me, as I am an alum of Brown University, where his son Shingo is in college, and have mentored Shingo on crypto and life sciences. He knew of my interest in doing innovative things with the blockchain, like being the first person to make a crypto donation to an Ivy League university." Read the Artnet News report here.