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May 16, 2022

Big Tech is Fighting a New Texas Law Targeting Social Media — Here's What Happens Next (Yahoo! Finance)


After a controversial new social media law went into effect Wednesday in Texas, the Supreme Court began weighing Big Tech’s emergency request to put it on hold as the tech industry fights the legislation. “They could deny the stay. They could sit on this application. They could grant the stay, or grant the stay in part. Or they could even take up the case and hear it on the merits,” William Jay, Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation co-chair at Goodwin, tells Yahoo Finance. Jay suspects that Justice Samuel Alito, who is responsible for handling emergency applications from the 5th Circuit, will ask the full court to vote on the stay. “Most significant applications do get referred to the full court. I expect the same thing will happen here,” Jay said. Alito also has authority to decide the matter on his own, he explains. Read the Yahoo! Finance article here.