In the Press
November 21, 2022

For Crypto Dealmaking, Harsh Winter Turns into Mild Spring (Mergers & Acquisitions)


With Bitcoin plummeting and the tech sector knocked back on its heels, spring and summer turned into crypto winter. Activity in the blockchain sector is particularly focused on distressed properties, and while the dealmaking pace is off compared to 2021, there nevertheless remains plenty of activity across a broad spectrum of categories. "It is going well beyond just distressed deals," says Mitzi Chang, of crypto-themed mergers and acquisitions. Chang is a partner and co-chair of the Digital Currency & Blockchain practice, as well as the Fintech practice. "You have strategic buyers representing a wide swath of traditional companies — tech, finance, all different industries — and with leaders who have recognized that the crypto space is maturing," she told Mergers & Acquisition.