In the Press
November 23, 2022

Corporate America is Bracing for a Rise in Activist Investing. Meet the 13 Lawyers on Speed-Dial When Companies and Investors Fight for Boardroom Control (Business Insider)

Activist funds have evolved into an imposing asset class, running dozens of campaigns each year. With stocks in decline, they are going after large companies like Disney and News Corp. These 13 lawyers are leading the field, either representing investors or defending against them. Joe Johnson, head of the Shareholder Activism & Takeover Defense practice, was recognized as one of the go-to advisors for activist funds and the companies hoping to fight them off by Business Insider. Johnson, who ran the firm's M&A practice for a long time, has advised major clients including Leaf Group and Brightcove against activist campaigns, and continues to advise many of them on M&A deals.