In the Press
March 1, 2023

Access to Abortion Pills at Risk in US as Judge Weighs ‘Unprecedented’ Case (Financial Times)


A lawsuit challenging US regulators’ approval of the abortion pill two decades ago has threatened to plunge the industry into chaos and further undermine women’s access to reproductive healthcare, pharmaceutical executives and legal experts have warned. The case is being heard by Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, who has a history of issuing conservative rulings on reproductive health and social issues. Susan Lee, a Life Sciences and FDA partner, said Kacsmaryk has several options when issuing his ruling. He could declare the approval of mifepristone invalid and grant an immediate injunction — a dramatic and unprecedented outcome that would almost immediately be appealed. He could also offer a partial victory to anti-abortion groups by banning pills delivered by mail and ordering that in-person visits resume, she said. “One of the fundamental presumptions of the US judiciary is that judges are there to interpret the law, not necessarily to fundamentally move the law in dramatic directions,” she said to Financial Times.