In the Press
March 16, 2023

Uncertainty Fuels Demand as New Firms Muscle in on Phila.'s Life Sciences Market (

For those attorneys serving Philadelphia’s robust life sciences industry, 2023 is looking to be a year of increasing legal complexity, developing financial uncertainty and, ultimately, one of growth opportunities. Regulatory upheaval and a shaky economic climate are together fueling a growing sense of precariousness about what the future holds, both for attorneys and the life sciences businesses they represent. Philadelphia office co-chair Rachael Bushey said while she has not been seeing “blockbuster, huge, billion-dollar transactions” going through, she noted seeing more transactions among the middle market of the life sciences industry. Bushey said to, “Obviously it’s a very uncertain time in terms of what does the landscape look like.” For her, it will be waiting game to determine the full impact of the bank’s demise on the industry in a market where capital is increasingly difficult to come by.