In the Press
June 28, 2023

The ESG Report: Overview – From Buzzword to Bona Fide? (Legal Business)

Legal Business' third annual ESG report reveals that firms are more willing to substantiate their ESG credentials. Is the industry finally moving away from paying lip service and towards embracing ESG in earnest? Danielle Reyes, Washington DC-based partner in the Financial Services group, points to the hire in April of Ami Morgan as a director tasked with leading the firm's ESG programme. Morgan was previously director of strategic planning for the national security council of the US government. Says Reyes: 'We don't disclose much publicly yet because we need to be confident about the data integrity before we report it, so part of Ami's mandate for this year will be getting a good sense of where the information that we are making decisions based on is coming from, and then trying to standardise that across all of the different components of our programme, because it's definitely not standardised right now.'