In the Press
July 12, 2023

How Will New Ruling Around Religious Accommodation Impact Employers? (HRD America)


In the wake of a Supreme Court decision making it easier for employees to obtain religious accommodation in the workplace, employers should consider updating training to include the new standard, according to a legal expert. Often, an employer would not make a religious accommodation even if it was “just a bit of a burden,” says Koray Bulut, Employment partner in San Francisco. “The court is not adopting the [American Disability Act] definition… but has adopted something that's much more meaty and robust that will cause employers to have much more of a pause to determine: ‘Is there a cost or is there some kind of burden here? Is it rising to this new standard?’” says Bulut to HRD America. Under the previous standard, it was clear that compromising the health of other employees in the workplace would cause undue hardship, he says.