In the Press
November 30, 2023

From Mobsters to Binance: A Tenacious Prosecutor Finds Spotlight  (Bloomberg Law)


The message Nicole Argentieri delivered last week as the Justice Department announced its historic punishment against crypto exchange Binance was boilerplate prosecutor-speak: Break the law and you will face consequences. It’s a warning she honed, and acted on, for years as she forged a reputation as a formidable assistant US attorney in Brooklyn. Much of that time was spent building cases against mobsters. Argentieri successfully used her background and a knack for being relatable to gain credibility with mob cooperators, said former colleagues and opposing lawyers. “Victim witnesses—people who are frightened of organized crime but might’ve been from Staten Island or Brooklyn or Queens—understood that Nicole got them,” said James Gatta, Government Investigations & Enforcement and White Collar Defense partner, “That’s one of her real superpowers.” More on Bloomberg Law.