In the Press
January 25, 2024

How Insurtech Can Make Lives Easier for Producers and Their Clients (Global Atlantic)

Insurtech is a broad topic that encompasses everything from automation to the cloud, analytics, and machine learning; a growing line-up of new technology-driven products for the insurance industry; and an array of companies that make those products. It’s a complex and rapidly evolving landscape that is expected to bring significant change to the industry. But a key question is, what does it mean for producers? The short answer is that it is likely to make their work lives easier—and along the way, open up some new opportunities. “It’s not just technology entering the insurance space, it’s technology-driven innovation and new ideas,” says Greg Hoffnagle, Insurance partner in New York to Global Atlantic . And a lot of those ideas are focused on changing the industry’s sometimes cumbersome sales and client-service processes—on “reducing the friction for users and trying to figure out how to do things faster and more easily in the insurance space,” he says.