In the Press
March 29, 2024

Education in the Age of Gen AI: The Old Way of Training Law Firm Associates ‘Just Doesn’t Work’ (Legaltech News)


Generative AI will not eliminate lawyers, but will increase the demand for lawyers who are well-trained to work with these systems. The question is: How do law firms adequately provide that training when traditional methods no longer cut it in a modern world? GenAI is poised to reshape 80% of the corporate legal wallet. Reshape, not eliminate. Caitlin Vaughn, Managing Director of Learning and Professional Development at Goodwin has brought a new approach to Goodwin’s intensive, eight-week new-associate training program that blends self-paced learning, experiential live training sessions, and interactive exercises with real-time feedback. Goodwin's program offers transactional and litigation associates simulated transactions, mock assignments, and a mini-MBA program, along with a professional skills track for development and success. Vaughn concluded, “We can’t take a lecture-based approach to training anymore. It just doesn’t work. In fact, it never really worked.” More on Legaltech News.