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May 16, 2024

Is ‘Londonisation’ Good for Asia’s M&A Insurance Market? (Insurance Asia)

“In general, 2021 was a really busy time for M&A globally. It was a really bad insurance market from the policyholder perspective, premiums went up. Insurers were capacity-constrained, and some of them hit their target premium early in the year. I think this was different, like in the US. It wasn’t true for everybody, but at least as I understand, in Asia, some of the insurers said at some point in 2021, they're not willing to do more deals for the rest of the year because they hit the quota,” Ai Tajima, partner at Goodwin’s Risk Management & Insurance practice told Insurance Asia. On a promising note, insurers offering coverage for M&A activities could potentially lessen the worry of this risky business. Again, I think the fact that there are more insurers offering better terms and innovation is really helpful, but it's not on its own going to reshape the M&A landscape,” Tajima said to Insurance Asia