Risk Management & Insurance

Most companies carry Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance coverage, but actually finding, understanding and ensuring the right coverage can be challenging. Goodwin has extensive experience counseling insured entities, their management and boards of directors in a wide variety of industries on insurance coverage matters. In this area we have advised insureds on: selection of appropriate directors and officers, professional liability and other management liability insurance; securing competitive renewal terms and premiums on existing insurance coverage; purchasing appropriate coverage or extended claim reporting options in the event of corporate transactions such as acquisitions, mergers or IPOs; and performing insurance and litigation due diligence on acquisition or merger targets.

When a claim does arise, we work closely with the insured and its carrier to report, facilitate and resolve coverage issues.

In addition to our litigation and insurance counseling expertise, we also provide clients with proactive risk management advice, including the creation and implementation of appropriate internal procedures and other best practices to mitigate risk. These procedures have included conflict of interest, insider trading, document retention and data privacy policies, as well as board presentations and employee training sessions on various risk management and corporate governance matters.