In the Press
6 June 2024

Shein's London Float Invites Scrutiny of ESG Issues (Law360)

Shein's choice of London for its much-anticipated flotation is a boon for the U.K. market — but the ultra-fast fashion company faces scrutiny of perceived ESG shortfalls that might serve as a fresh litmus test for other businesses considering a listing on British exchanges. The corporate governance framework that applies to public money is the most stringent of any market participants," Ariel White-Tsimikalis, a partner in the Technology and Life Sciences group and Capital Markets practice in London said. "Companies need to jump through hoops on disclosure, have rigorous processes in place, manage risks and be good citizens for their communities and the environment." She added that it is good for companies "to go through this process, as it means they're complying with their obligations. Better-governed companies should then be better-run companies." "Our regulatory and legal framework is structured so as to require sufficient information be publicly disclosed in order to enable investors to make an informed investment decision," White-Tsimikalis said to Law360.