Speaking Engagements March 28, 2017
The HSBC Conference Center
452 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street)
New York, NY

Disruption in the Delivery of Legal Services

Clients are driving a fundamental restructuring of legal service delivery models. What are the significant changes and what do they mean? What is the impact of technology and AI on law firms and their clients? As general counsel have eclipsed outside counsel as “trusted advisors”, senior C-level executives now turn to them in many ways including to anticipate and minimize corporate risks and incorporate greater usage of data, metrics and analytics in legal services discussions. What is the role of the law firm going forward?

What new structures are law departments considering adopting with regard to their outside law firms? Some possible targets are sourcing and law firm relationships; tighter financial management and budgeting metrics; technology process and data driven practices. How has the value proposition changed practice?

At the same time law firm leaders are responding to client demands, marketplace realities, and internal needs. The relationship between firms and in-house law department leadership is changing. Some firms now have a Chief Innovation Officer to deal with technology, flow processes and delivery mechanisms. Firms are looking at alternative staffing approaches. All of these issues are ripe for innovation and new solutions to address disruption.

A special feature this year is a candid discussion of how law departments are changing process, problem-solving and delivery of legal services and the impact on both inside and outside counsel. A stimulating and thought-provoking exchange between Brackett Denniston, GE’s general counsel for 12 years, now senior counsel in Goodwin’s Litigation Department, and Michael R. Caplan, COO at Goodwin.