Speaking Engagements October 24, 2018 12:30 PM

Practical Advice for Complying with the New Massachusetts Non-Compete Law

The Massachusetts Noncompetition Agreement Act, which applies to noncompetition agreements entered into with Massachusetts employees, independent contractors and residents on or after October 1, 2018, extensively changes the landscape for permissible noncompetition provisions. In this webinar, in addition to reviewing the key components of the new law, we will discuss complex issues employers face under the new law such as: 

  • Whether confidentiality and nonsolicitation agreements can provide sufficient protection to employers; 
  • When noncompetition agreements can be supported with “other mutually-agreed upon consideration” instead of garden leave pay; 
  • How to coordinate garden leave pay and severance pay to avoid double-dipping; 
  • How to avoid garden leave payments or other consideration by waiving noncompetition restrictions; and 
  • What impact the law has on existing severance plans, forfeiture for competition provisions and deal-based noncompetition agreements. 

Should you wish to review the materials or access the webinar recording, please click below: