Press Release February 24, 2017

Life Sciences Practice Named Law360 Group of the Year

Goodwin's Life Sciences Practice was recently named Practice Group of the Year by Law360, recognized for being “a top choice for high-profile pharmaceutical clients, particularly in licensing deals, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings.” The team was praised for handling two of the most successful biotech IPOs in 2016, BeiGene Ltd. and Intellia Therapeutics.

In a feature article highlighting the team’s accomplishments, National Chair of Goodwin’s Life Sciences Practice Mitch Bloom commented, “I think the real success of our group is our ability to collaborate. It’s not one partner doing all the deals. It’s not siloed. It’s really just an integrated practice model.”

On the litigation front, Goodwin was recognized for its major patent win on behalf of generics manufacturer Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in November 2015. A panel affirmed a lower court judgment that Teva could not infringe a testing patent for blood thinner Lovenox under laws governing imports. The outcome is notable because it represents a reverse decision from the Federal Circuit on its earlier precedent on the safe harbor provision of patent laws.

Read the full Law360 profile here.