In The Press September 15, 2022

Judge Subjected Staff to Insults, Outbursts, Court Investigation Finds (The Washington Post)

Federal judges voted not to reappoint a New Mexico jurist after an internal investigation showed she subjected employees to insults, outbursts and threats of termination, according to a court order published Wednesday. Jaime Santos, an Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation partner who helped found Law Clerks for Workplace Accountability, said Wednesday’s order underscores the importance of continuing to investigate even after a judge resigns or retires, and publicizing the findings while speaking with The Washington Post. Failing to do so, Santos said, offers “very little incentive for mistreated employees to come forward and submit a complaint against a judicial officer who wields an enormous amount of power and for whom there are few, if any, realistic tangible repercussions for wrongdoing. Federal judges should not be able to moot misconduct investigations by resigning — and certainly not by retiring with a pension for life paid at taxpayer expense.”