Dr. Can Cui is a partner in Goodwin’s Life Sciences group and a co-leader of the firm’s Life Sciences practice in Asia. His practice focuses on technology transactions and investment in the life sciences industry, especially those transactions related to China, including cross-border technology licensing and acquisition, collaboration and strategic partnership, joint venture (JV), and other forms of investment.

Dr. Cui has extensive experience representing both licensors and licensees in U.S.-China life sciences licensing transactions. In private equity and venture capital transactions, he regularly represents institutional and individual investors, established life sciences companies and startups in intellectual property (IP) due diligence and the negotiation and drafting of related investment documentation. He also advises clients on IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Cui has deep knowledge of China’s increasingly complex regulatory landscape, including not only the IP laws, but also regulations governing cross-border transactions, such as technology import and export regulations and regulations of human genetic resources. He also has rich experiences in corporate matters, patent prosecution and IP dispute resolution, which, together with his scientific background, make him a go-to person for advice in various legal matters life sciences companies may have.

In addition to his legal services to the life sciences industry, Dr. Cui is also an active participant in a wide variety of pro bono matters. He has been a recipient of the California Lawyers Association’s Wiley W. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services in recent years.




除了为生命科学行业提供法律服务外,崔博士还积极参与各种公益法律事务。崔博士近年来屡次获得加州律师协会颁发的Wiley W. Manuel公益法律服务证书
Areas of Practice
Domaines D’Expertise





Dr. Cui has advised the following companies, among others, in the life sciences industry in the following transactions and matters, among others:

  • ACROBiosystems Inc.: various licensing, collaboration, sales, distribution, consulting and investment transactions, and IP matters;*
  • A publicly traded, global, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to transforming the discovery and development of novel antibody-based cancer immunotherapies: various
  • collaboration, licensing, and services transactions, and employee IP matters;*
  • A biotechnology company that leverages revolutionary drug targets to develop and commercialize transformational therapies in autoimmune diseases, cancers and transplantations: various services, manufacturing, and consulting agreements;*
  • A Shanghai-based biopharma company developing next generation anti-cancer therapies: various licensing and co-development transactions, and IP due diligence matters;*
  • A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with the goal of curing cancer by developing novel T-cell therapies that harness the evolutionary power of the immune system: various licensing, collaboration, and clinical services transactions, and China IP, JV and regulatory matters;*
  • A biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA therapeutics and vaccines: various license and collaboration transactions, including collaboration with genetic medicines companies to develop next-generation in vivo gene editing therapeutics;
  • A company developing novel therapeutics based on gene editing, RNA editing and delivery technology: intellectual property and technology transactions;
  • A late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing transformative pharmaceutical products that address critical unmet medical needs in ophthalmology, neurology and psychiatric disorders for patients in Greater China and around the world: patent matters;
  • A biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing gene therapies of short-form human factor H to restore complement regulation in dry age-related macular degeneration, atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, and other disorders characterized by complement dysregulation: various licensing transactions;
  • A company discovering and developing potent and highly differentiated human antibody therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with serious diseases: trademark matters;
  • A company dedicated to investing in cutting-edge life sciences and biomedical technologies, with a focus on breakthrough first-in-class therapies and disruptive cross-disciplinary innovations in medical devices and diagnostics: IP due diligence matters;
  • An orthopedics company committed to improving the experience of both patients and surgeons through innovative technologies: patent prosecution;
  • A Chinese messenger RNA therapeutics company: various patent matters;
  • An oral irrigator manufacturer from China: patent prosecution;
  • One of the most established independent private equity firms in Asia: IP due diligence matters;
  • A company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of oral, small molecule protease inhibitors as new treatments for diseases with significant unmet need: various joint venture, licensing and distribution transactions;
  • A Chinese fund manager focusing on the early-stage venture capital and growth-stage private equity investment: various IP due diligence matters:
  • A clinical-stage targeted oncology company: exclusive license agreement with a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative molecularly targeted and immune-oncology drugs for treatment of cancer for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of an investigational tyrosine kinase inhibitor in Asia Pacific region;
  • A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of innovative anti-cancer medicines: license agreement with a company with rich experiences in global clinical trials and product commercialization in the field of oncology in respect of a small-molecule inhibitor of BRAF V600E;
  • A Swedish company dedicated to innovation, quality, and transparency, providing advanced products and services for protein biomarker discovery: various technology transactions and U.S. regulatory advice;
  • A company manipulating glycans and their receptors to treat a wide variety of serious conditions: various license and collaboration transactions;
  • A leading Chinese company in gene therapies based on gene editing: various IP and licensing matters:
  • A company developing a technology that combines the noninvasive diffuse reflectance spectroscopy with patented algorithms for detecting various skin properties and body health condition: various licensing transactions;
  • Eluminex Biosciences: various licensing and collaboration transactions, including
    • global exclusive license agreement with FibroGen, Inc. on biosynthetic cornea and other recombinant human collagen products; and
    • acquisition of Zuretinol assets from Retinagenix Holdings;
  • Evive Biotechnology (Shanghai) Ltd.: various licensing and collaboration transactions, including with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and patent applications;
  • Exicure: exclusive collaboration with Ipsen on treatment for rare neurodegenerative disorders;
  • GenScript Biotech Corporation and its clinical-stage oncology biotech subsidiary, Legend Biotech Corporation:
    • licensing transactions, including with Amgen and Noile-Immune Biotech, Inc., respectively;*
    • technology services transactions;*
    • strategic collaborations, including with REMD Biotherapeutics Inc.;*
    • various strategic partnership transactions;*
    • acquisition of CustomArray, Inc.;* and
    • Chinese IP law and compliance matters;*
  • HebeCell Corp: various licensing and collaboration transactions;*
  • Helio Health Inc.: various licensing transactions, including with universities, and patent applications;*
  • Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.:
    • $33 million Series B financing of Elicio Therapeutics;*
    • $47 million Series B financing of Carisma Therapeutics;* and
    • U.S. regulatory advice;*
  • Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: various collaboration and licensing transactions, including Greater China exclusive license and collaboration agreement with Arbutus Biopharma Corporation on Hepatitis B RNAi therapeutics;
  • T-Cure Bioscience, Inc.:
    • license agreement with Immunotech Biopharm Ltd;* and
    • clinical research agreement with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey;*
  • A global leader of 3D printing pharmaceuticals: various collaboration and services transactions, and employee and consultant IP matters;
  • Vazyme Biotech Co., Ltd: IP dispute and product distribution matters;* and
  • Warburg Pincus Asia LLC:
    • freedom-to-operate and other China IP due diligence matters;*
    • $1.2 billion Series B financing of Haihe Pharmaceutical;* and
    • $123 million Series D financing of Abbisko Therapeutics.*

*Denotes experior prior to joining Goodwin


  • ACROBiosystems公司:各种许可、合作、销售、分销、咨询和投资交易,以及知识产权事宜*
  • 一家致力于转化基于抗体的新型癌症免疫疗法的发现和开发的上市全球性临床阶段生物制药公司:各种合作、许可和服务交易,以及员工知识产权事宜*
  • 一家利用革命性的药物靶点开发和商业化自身免疫疾病、癌症和移植的转化疗法的生物技术公司:各种服务、制造和咨询协议*
  • 一家开发下一代抗癌疗法的上海生物制药公司:各种许可和合作开发交易,以及知识产权尽职调查事项*
  • 一家以通过开发利用免疫系统进化能力的新型T细胞疗法来治疗癌症为目标的临床阶段生物制药公司:各种许可、合作和临床服务交易,以及中国知识产权、合资企业和监管事项*
  • 一家开创信使RNA治疗和疫苗的生物技术公司:各种许可和合作交易,包括与遗传药物公司合作开发下一代体内基因编辑疗法
  • 一家开发基于基因编辑、RNA编辑和递送技术的新型疗法的公司:知识产权和技术交易
  • 一家临床后期生物制药公司,专注于开发和商业化变革性医药产品,以满足大中华区和世界各地患者在眼科、神经病学和精神疾病方面未满足的关键医疗需求:专利事宜
  • 一家生物制药公司,专注于推进短形式人类因子H的基因疗法,以恢复干性年龄相关性黄斑变性,非典型溶血性尿毒症综合征和其他以补体失调为特征的疾病的补体调节:各种许可交易
  • 一家发现和开发有效且高度差异化的人类抗体疗法以改善严重疾病患者生活的公司:商标事宜
  • 一家致力于投资尖端生命科学和生物医学技术的公司,专注于医疗器械和诊断领域的突破性一流疗法和颠覆性跨学科创新:知识产权尽职调查事项
  • 一家致力于通过创新技术改善患者和外科医生体验的骨科公司:专利申请
  • 一家中国信使RNA治疗公司:各种专利事宜
  • 一家中国口腔冲洗器制造商:专利申请
  • 亚洲最成熟的独立私募股权公司之一:知识产权尽职调查事宜
  • 一家专注于口服小分子蛋白酶抑制剂的发现、开发和商业化的公司,作为治疗具有重大未满足需求的疾病的新疗法:各种合资企业、许可和分销交易
  • 某专注于早期风险投资和成长阶段私募股权投资的中国基金管理公司:各种知识产权尽职调查事宜
  • 一家临床阶段靶向肿瘤学公司:与一家商业阶段的生物制药公司签订独家许可协议,专注于开发和商业化用于治疗癌症的创新分子靶向和免疫肿瘤学药物,用于亚太地区研究性酪氨酸激酶抑制剂的开发、制造和商业化
  • 一家致力于创新抗癌药物研发的临床阶段生物制药公司:与一家在肿瘤学领域具有丰富全球临床试验和产品商业化经验的公司签订许可协议,涉及BRAF V600E的小分子抑制剂
  • 一家致力于创新、质量和透明度的瑞典公司,为蛋白质生物标志物发现提供先进的产品和服务:各种技术交易和美国监管事宜
  • 一家操纵聚糖及其受体来治疗各种严重疾病的公司:各种许可和合作交易
  • 一家基于基因编辑的基因疗法领域的中国领先公司:各种知识产权和许可事宜
  • 一家开发将无创漫反射光谱与专利算法相结合的技术的公司,用于检测各种皮肤特性和身体健康状况:各种许可交易
  • 典晶生物医药科技(苏州)有限公司:各种许可和合作交易,包括
    • 与FibroGen, Inc.就生物合成角膜和其他重组人胶原蛋白产品的全球独占许可协议以及
    • 从Retinagenix Holdings公司收购Zuretinol资产
  • Exicure:与Ipsen独家合作治疗罕见的神经退行性疾病
  • 亿一生物医药开发(上海)有限公司:各种许可和合作交易,包括与Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center的合作,以及专利申请
  • 金斯瑞生物科技股份有限公司及其临床阶段肿瘤生物技术的子公司南京传奇生物科技有限公司:
    • 分别与安进和Noile-Immune Biotech公司的许可交易*
    • 技术服务交易*
    • 战略合作事宜,包括与REMD Biotherapeutics公司的合作*
    • 各种战略伙伴交易*
    • 收购CustomArray公司*以及
    • 中国知识产权法和合规事项*
  • HebeCell公司:各种许可和合作交易*
  • Helio Health公司:包括与大学之间的各种许可交易和专利申请*
  • 丽珠医药集团股份有限公司:
    • Elicio Therapeutics的3300万美元B轮融资*
    • Carisma Therapeutics的4700万美元B轮融资*以及
    • 美国监管咨询*
  • 齐鲁制药集团:各种合作及许可交易,包括与Arbutus Biopharma Corporation就乙型肝炎RNAi疗法的独占许可和合作协议
  • T-Cure Bioscience公司:
    • 与Immunotech Biopharm公司的许可协议*以及
    • 与罗格斯,新泽西州立大学的临床研究协议*
  • 一家3D打印药物的全球领导者:各种合作和服务交易,以及员工和顾问知识产权事宜
  • 南京诺唯赞生物科技股份有限公司:知识产权纠纷和产品分销事宜*
  • 华平投资:
    • 自由使用权和其他中国知识产权尽职调查事项*
    • 海和药物的12亿元人民币B轮融资*以及
    • 和誉医药的1.23亿美元D轮融资*


Professional Experience

Prior to joining Goodwin, Dr. Cui was an associate in the IP and Technology Transactions Groups of Morrison & Foerster LLP (“MoFo”), where he was a key member of the firm’s China Life Sciences practice. During his four-year residency in the firm’s Hong Kong office, he managed, in addition to cross-border licensing and investment transactions, patent dispute matters in China on behalf of MoFo’s U.S. clients, and gained extensive experience in IP dispute resolution in China. During his subsequent five-year residency in MoFo’s San Francisco office, he continued to represent clients in both China and the U.S. in their cross-border technology transactions and investments, and played a leading role in those transactions in the life sciences industry.

While working in MoFo’s Hong Kong office, Dr. Cui was an adjunct faculty member at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). During his three-year tenure at CUHK Faculty of Law, he taught the Principles of Intellectual Property course, and established CUHK’s Chinese IP Law course.

Prior to and while attending law school, Dr. Cui worked as a U.S. patent agent in the Boston and New York offices of Ropes & Gray LLP, where he was a member of the Fish & Neave IP Group.

As a graduate student at Harvard, Dr. Cui conceived, established, and maintained a major long-term collaborative project among Harvard Medical School, the University of California, San Diego, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His identification of a viral microRNA was featured in the “Spotlight” section of Journal of Virology as an article of significant interest selected by the editors.



在上法学院之前和期间,崔博士作为Fish & Neave识产权组的成员在瑞格律师事务所的波士顿和纽约办事处担任美国专利代理人。

为哈佛大学的研究生,他构思、建立并维系了一项由哈佛医学院、加州大学圣地亚哥分校和中国科学院共同参与的重要长期合作项目。他的关于病毒微小RNA 的突破性发现发表在《病毒学学报》(Journal of Virology)的焦点Spotlight专栏,并被编辑特选为极具影响力的文章
Professional Activities
Dr. Cui is a member of American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, California Lawyers Association, Bar Association of San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area Intellectual Property Inn of Court, Asian Pacific American Bar Association Silicon Valley, and The BayHelix Group.

Dr. Cui is a frequent guest lecturer and panelist at top universities and law schools in the United States and in China on U.S. patent law, cross-border technology licensing, and IP protection in the life sciences industry. He also helps advance career goals of working professionals, postdocs and graduate students in the biotech/pharma industry by serving as a mentor in the Career Advisory Network program of Chinese-American Bio/Pharmaceutical Society.



Dr. Cui has been selected for inclusion in The Legal 500 U.S. 2022. Dr. Cui is recognized by Berkeley Center for Law & Technology as one of the “leading practitioners in biotech and life sciences.”


崔博士被伯克利法律和技术中心(Berkeley Center for Law & Technology认可为生物技术和生命科学领域的领先执业者之一。

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J.D., 2012
New York University School of Law
(magna cum laude; The Order of the Coif; Weinfeld Fellow; Walter J. Derenberg Prize, NYU Law’s only Convocation Award in IP Law; NYU Journal of Law & Business: Staff Editor (2010-11); Board Member and Senior Articles Editor (2011-12))
Ph.D., Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, 2007
Harvard University
B.Sc., Biotechnology, 2000
Peking University
(summa cum laude; Valedictorian; Shuping Scholar; High Distinction Honor)


法学博士, 2012
(极优等毕业生magna cum laude;美国杰出法律学会白帽协会(The Order of the Coif)的荣誉会员;Weinfeld Fellow;纽约大学法学院唯一知识产权法毕业生荣誉奖Walter J. Derenberg奖得主;《纽约大学法律与商业学报》(NYU Journal of Law & Business)的论文编辑(2010-11)、资深编辑及编委会委员(2011-12))
生物化学与分子药理学博士, 2007
生物技术学士, 2000
(最优等毕业生summa cum laude;毕业生代表;叔苹奖学金; 毕业生优秀论文)



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