Goodwin Insights October 12, 2021

Recent Speaking Engagements and CLE Opportunities

Recent Speaking Engagements 

Goodwin ERISA Litigation partner Jamie Fleckner participated in a webinar with NEPC senior consultant Dan Beaton to discuss the current litigation environment in the Defined Contribution space, including the high volume of cases despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary focus of most cases, and why many cases have moved down market to smaller plans.

CLE Opportunities

  • The Supreme Court, October Term 2021: Arguments from a Closed Courtroom 

This is a significant Supreme Court Term for ERISA litigation, with the Supreme Court set to decide Hughes v. Northwestern University, a case about the standard for pleading a claim of fiduciary breach in the context of challenges to plan line-ups and service-provider arrangements. Jaime Santos and Willy Jay from Goodwin’s Supreme Court and Appellate practice have developed an informative and entertaining CLE about this case and the upcoming Supreme Court Term more generally. They will discuss what the term might mean for business and for citizens who follow constitutional litigation. If you would like Jaime and Willy to present the CLE to your in-house legal department (either virtually or in person), please reach out to Ellie Cramton and she will help you schedule the presentation and tailor it to the interests of your legal team.


Amelie Hopkins was a contributing author to this edition.