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Harnessing Exosomes

Codiak Biosciences is developing a novel platform to engineer and manufacture exosomes, which could represent an entirely new class of therapies with a transformative impact for patients with multiple diseases.
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Space Race

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Breaking Beverage Barriers

To Alix Peabody, the alcoholic beverage industry has been long overdue for shakeup. For decades, not only has the industry been run by men, its products have been developed, marketed and sold to a primarily male marketplace. That disparity is a big reason Alix decided to start her own company, Alixir, and launch the “Bev” brand — “Made by chicks,” the slogan goes.

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The Future Of Forecasting

Founded in 2015, Goodwin client ClimaCell is on a mission to map all of the world’s weather data. They are harnessing the power of new weather sensing technologies to create the ultimate forecasting machine.

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Turning the Tides

Forever Oceans is developing a scalable, sustainable and revolutionary way to raise seafood – lifting local economies while preserving natural resources and providing food for a growing world.

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Partnering with clients on the business of law is not just lip-service about client service; it is embedded into our culture and our client service model. Our lawyers count on the professional staff at Goodwin to develop true partnerships with our clients, sharing in our collective success and creating deep and long-lasting relationships.
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