The Business of Law

Through the business of law, we develop true partnerships with clients, sharing in our collective successes and creating deep and long-lasting relationships. Our approach is a unique differentiator for Goodwin’s client service model.


Our Global Operations Team – all of the firm’s business professionals – provides clients with strategic advice across a wide range of areas. We are ready to work with you on the many issues that arise outside the courtroom and the boardroom.

Our feedback program ensures that members of our Global Operations Team connect with clients multiple times throughout the lifecycle of every initiative — from kickoff meetings and check-ins at significant matter milestones to broader relationship reviews with clients we are privileged to partner with across service lines and geographies. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn more about our clients’ priorities. Insights gained through this program enable us to calibrate our service model to deliver exceptional service and custom-tailored solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We partner with clients to implement data management and retention strategies in advance of litigation, helping to minimize the resources needed to address litigation-related data issues when they arise.

We advise clients on how best to harness their data and information, and focus on knowledge management strategies, document management systems, legal taxonomies, automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and visualization, and more.

We partner with clients on running legal clinics to support individuals and families who could not otherwise afford legal assistance.

We work with clients to develop pricing structures that are just right for each project, focusing on risk sharing and cost predictability. In addition to providing clients with innovative pricing solutions, we provide advice on what they should be expecting from law firms in the pricing sphere.

We understand the important of protecting our clients’ information and data. Our dedicated team routinely implements new security controls, conducts audits and partners with clients on risk mitigation.

We help clients evaluate and, in some cases, road-test technologies prior to implementation. Together, we work to develop a proof of concept, conduct real-time testing and ultimately make the right decisions on new technologies.

We assist clients through our Program Management Office on establishing new projects, launching new initiatives and developing new programs. The function helps clients assess their ongoing initiatives and strategically build roadmaps to ensure the most efficient outcomes.

We work with clients to provide guidance on drafting RFPs to inform decisions on hiring outside counsel.

Client Feedback

Goodwin’s ability to collaborate in the legal operations space only enhances their overall effectiveness as a complete legal services provider. They remain excellent partners to us.
Darren Guy
Former Global Legal COO at McGraw Hill Financial
Legal technology platforms have become critical enablers for corporate legal groups in global companies. Having a partner with an intimate understanding of our business needs is of extreme value for Teva Legal Group. Goodwin Procter helps us navigate the multiple offerings available on the market—billing, matter management, document review, etc. They advise on processes, vendor selection and overall implementation. Goodwin Procter is an important partner. COO Michael Caplan brings indispensable corporate experience and sees applicable solutions through our eyes—a tremendous help to integrating the right platforms and customizing them to our needs.
Mati Gill
Global Legal COO and Senior Director of Government Affairs at Teva Pharmaceuticals
Firms that focus on operational aspects of their relationships with corporate clients are differentiating themselves. For years, MassMutual and Goodwin Procter have worked closely together on transactions, litigation and diversity initiatives. Recently, the relationship has been enhanced as a direct result of both entities’ concentrated efforts on efficiency. Quite simply, Goodwin demonstrates that they “get it” by empowering their COO, Mike Caplan, to build the operational bridge with their clients by partnering and consulting on new challenges in the rapidly evolving legal service delivery model. This places the firm at a strategic advantage in terms of our selection of counsel.
David Allen
Senior VP and Deputy GC at MassMutual


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