Goodwin Gaming
November 16, 2015

Fantasy Sports Update


Here is a selection of recent fantasy-related gaming articles of interest:

  • According to CNBC Now, DraftKings’ motion for a TRO has been denied.  (FanDuel’s, too.)
  • DraftKings and FanDuel have preemptively sued AG Schneiderman.
  • FanDuel is out of New York, DraftKings is still in.
  • 300 people protested NY AG Schneiderman’s decision in front of his NYC office.
  • This New York Times article discusses how DraftKings still allows users to participate by using proxies, which allow competitors from banned states to mask their location.
  • FanDuel is now requiring certain users to verify their identity.
  • The DOJ has declined to comment on the legality of DFS for the time being.
  • The South Dakota Gaming Commission will be taking up fantasy sports on November 18.
  • The Rhode Island Lottery is interested in running daily fantasy sports.