Life Sciences Perspectives
February 1, 2022

For Clinical Trial Recruiting, Words Matter

In a recent publication we helped co-author, we examined entries and their possible impact on informing potential subjects of their eligibility to participate in clinical trials. In particular, we analyzed certain clinical trials focused on HIV treatment or prevention that allowed entry of pregnant women to assess the use of pregnancy-related terms in each trial’s description and inclusion/exclusion criteria, such as those relating to gestational age and trimester. The assessment focused on evaluating the potential utility of for pregnant women and their healthcare providers in identifying potential clinical research in which they may be eligible to participate.  In brief, we found that descriptors and terminology can play an important role in communicating with providers and prospective subjects about eligibility for participation. While our findings are in the context of HIV research and pregnant women, our takeaways could apply to other disease areas and populations where specific terminology may play a role in successful identification and recruitment of eligible patients, particularly where competition for patients presents an ongoing challenge, such as rare diseases.

Read the full article in Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications.

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