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June 22, 2022

Huiya Wu speaks ACI’s 13th Annual Summit – Big Molecule Watch


The ACI’s 13th Annual Summit on Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics will be held on June 28 – 29, to contemplate the details of the rapidly changing landscape for biosimilars and innovator biologics. Goodwin is a proud sponsor of the conference and, Goodwin partner and Big Molecule Watch editor, Huiya Wu is a featured speaker on the panel, Global Strategies: From Patent Protection to Cost and Market Access. The panelists will discuss what is next for biosimilars in established markets like Europe, and emerging markets like China, especially when considering how biosimilars and innovator biologic markets and their regulation have steadily evolved in Europe and the United States, and due to a favorable regulatory environment, the Chinese biosimilar marketplace has boomed. In particular, the panel will focus on assessing regulatory and legislative developments impacting the biopharmaceutical industries in each region, and understanding the economics and market influences currently in play.

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