January 14, 2020

2019 ITC 337 Proceedings Webinar Series

In 2019, Goodwin’s IP Litigation group hosted a series of webinars relating to ITC 337 Proceedings. Each webinar had a specific ITC focus outlined below. We hope you find these webinars valuable and that you’ll join us for future webinars.

Click here to access recordings of these webinars.

Part 1: Your ITC Primer

This overview of the International Trade Commission covers the types of litigations overseen there and what to expect if you are involved with a case. This discussion covers the basics of ITC litigations, helping to familiarize you with the terminology, the ITC’s fast pace, and its remedies. It also includes the various issues that distinguish ITC litigations from traditional district court litigations.

Speakers: Mark Abate, PJ McCarthy, Darryl Woo

Part 2: Litigation SEP-Based Investigations at the ITC

This webinar covers how the impending rollout of 5G technology might impact standard essential patents (SEPs) and the requisite fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing practices with respect to those patents. The ITC’s injunctive relief creates a particularly interesting dynamic when it applies to asserted SEPs. This webinar provided a backdrop for the current state of FRAND and other SEP-related legal considerations and addressed how those considerations could affect litigation at the ITC.

Speakers: Monte Cooper, Mark Davis, Ron Pabis

Part 3: Section 337 Remedies

In this webinar, Goodwin hosted a conversation to discuss what happens after the hearing at the ITC. It covers settlement and other early resolution matters along with what happens with cases that go through to remedy and how companies can respond in that scenario.

Complainants should know how they can assure their issued remedial orders are effective, and respondents should know their business decisions if a remedial order is issued against any of their products. This webinar identifies the various ins-and-outs of the post-remedy landscape and addresses best practices for both complainants and respondents.

Speakers: Mark Davis, PJ McCarthy, Steve Shahida

Click here to access recordings of these webinars.