April 29, 2020

Webinar Recording:
Law and Pop Culture

COVID-19 has deeply affected many lives and is constantly on people’s minds. On April 29, Goodwin hosted a CLE to provide a fun escape from shelter in place. Should you want information related to COVID-19’s legal implications, please visit Goodwin’s COVID-19 Knowledge Center.

Following on our wildly successful program on The Law of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Adventure, we hosted a webinar on Law and Pop Culture. Topics covered during the webinar included: 

  • Have you wondered about the law of the Tiger King?
  • What can we learn from celebrity depositions and trials?
  • How does Sylvester Stallone protect his protein powder?
  • Can you protect signature dance moves from being used in video games?

If you love pop culture and law, this CLE is for you. Take a break, learn some law and hear about why celebrities are just like the rest of us….unless you own a tiger zoo. View the video below. 

* Please note that our webinar and event recordings are for informational purposes only; CLE credit is only available for our guests attending live webinars and other events.

ICYMI: If you missed or just want to binge previous installments of our Entertainment and the Law Series, visit our website.