28 May 2020

Goodwin Collaborates with Deliveroo and Shelley Sandzer to Accelerate Restaurant Sector Recovery in the UK

Goodwin has partnered with online food delivery company Deliveroo and leading F&B property consultants Shelley Sandzer to produce new, practical guidance to help the restaurant sector in the UK accelerate the pace of its recovery following the severe impacts on the sector from COVID-19.

Real Estate and Restructuring lawyers at Goodwin examine the implications for restaurant leases and the landlord-tenant relationship, as well as potential strategies to trade out of the pandemic. The following three articles make up the initial guidance from Goodwin:

Matthew Pohlman, Real Estate Industry partner at Goodwin, said: “In a time of unprecedented strain in the global hospitality sector, it is a privilege to collaborate with Deliveroo on this important initiative to help promote solutions for the restaurant sector and accelerate the pace of its recovery. Our efforts are focused on providing practical, balanced and actionable insights to help drive discussions among all stakeholders towards mutually acceptable solutions to the present challenges in the sector.”

To learn more about this initiative, read the Goodwin press release here.