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What's Happening Inside the CFPB and How it Impacts State Enforcement of Consumer Finance Laws

May 8, 2018 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


In the wake of the CFPB'S leadership change, the recent economic crisis, and a developing body of consumer finance laws and enforcement tools at the state level, the consumer finance industry will likely face increased scrutiny and enforcement by state attorneys general and state regulatory bodies.

In-house counsel must be prepared when motivated state attorneys general and regulatory agencies initiate an investigation or examination of a company's consumer finance products and services. To that end, Anthony Alexis, head of Goodwin’s Consumer Financial Services Enforcement Practice and former Assistant Director and Head of the Office of Enforcement at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Kyle Tayman, partner in Goodwin’s Consumer Financial Services Enforcement Practice, will deliver an informative webinar discussing directional changes occurring at the CFPB, impact new CFPB leadership has had on actual enforcement activity, why in-house counsel should anticipate increasing scrutiny from state AGs, and a brief overview of the tools available to state enforcers that clients will likely see as state enforcement activity trends upwards.

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The “What's Happening Inside the CFPB and How it Impacts State Enforcement of Consumer Finance Laws” webinar is the kickoff event to Goodwin's In-House Counsel Reference Guide: State UDAP Enforcement series covering key developments and interpretive guidance on state versus federal enforcement of consumer finance laws, and the toolbox available to states in enforcement matters affecting in-house counsel in the consumer finance industry.