Law and Pop Culture

April 29, 2020, 1:00 p.m. PST | 4:00 p.m. EST


COVID-19 has deeply affected a lot of our lives and is constantly on people’s minds. On April 29, Goodwin is hosting a CLE to give people a fun escape from shelter in place. Should you want information related to COVID-19’s legal implications, please visit Goodwin’s COVID-19 Knowledge Center.

As the world shelters in place, Goodwin continues to seek more lighthearted ways to connect with its clients and friends. After our wildly successful CLE program on the Law of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Adventure, we planned a sequel. This time, we are going to talk Law and Pop Culture. Have you wondered about the law of the Tiger King? What can we learn from celebrity depositions and trials? How does Sylvester Stallone protect his protein powder? Can you protect signature dance moves from being used in video games? These topics and more will be discussed. If you love pop culture and law, this CLE is for you. We promise to put both the “edu” and “tainment” in Edutainment. Take a break, learn some law and hear about why celebrities are just like the rest of us….unless you own a Tiger zoo.

ICYMI: If you missed or just want to binge previous installments of our Entertainment and the Law Series, visit our website