Press Release
October 7, 2016

Goodwin Joins Digital Currency Industry Group


Goodwin partner Grant Fondo has been invited to join the newly-formed Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition, which focuses on legal issues surrounding digital currency and distributed ledger technology. As a recognized thought leader in the field, Fondo also serves as one of DCLDC’s six board members.

The Coalition, which features more than 50 attorneys from more than 40 law firms, aims to protect individual constitutional rights and civil liberties of innovators experimenting with new blockchain technologies, while fostering innovation in these technologies. The DCLDC hopes to advance its mission through pro bono attorney referrals to those who cannot afford legal services as well as the submission of amicus briefs on issues impacting the technologies.

Fondo serves as chair of Goodwin’s Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology Practice, and regularly share insight on its blog, Digital Currency + Blockchain Perspectives.