Digital Currency + Blockchain Technology

Since 2010, VC investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have totaled $1.7 billion, and raising capital through token sales, commonly referred to as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), is on pace to surpass that number. The sudden arrival and rapid rise of bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies has generated a wave of innovation and disruptive businesses. With this explosive growth, new legal issues in these areas are cropping up every day.

Goodwin’s technical expertise, geographic footprint in key industry markets, and depth of experience allows us to offer unprecedented service to help our clients capitalize on opportunities and meet the challenges of this evolving industry. Our digital currency and blockchain technology practice is supported by well-established teams of nationally recognized lawyers with expertise across many areas affecting digital currencies including ICOs, corporate and securities laws, venture financing, regulatory, intellectual property, banking compliance, SEC and criminal defense, private equity, securities litigation, real estate, corporate M+A,  investment funds, and privacy and cybersecurity.

Recent Experience

  • Advising companies in the U.S. and abroad on ICOs– including those in the AI, renewable energy, gaming, media, entertainment, cyber-security, microloan, and real estate industries
  • Advising venture funds regarding ICOs and ICO investments
  • Representing Coinbase, a major digital asset exchange company, in IRS v. Coinbase, an IRS action seeking customer information for hundreds of thousands of Coinbase users
  • Advising clients on bitcoin ATMs
  • Advising digital currency exchanges on state and FinCEN registrations
  • Advised a bitcoin consumer finance company with a Series Seed financing
  • Advised a venture capital firm in a Series A investment in a bitcoin wallet company
  • Represented a venture capital firm with a seed investment in an international money transfer company that uses bitcoin and mobile wallets for receiving remittances from abroad
  • Advised a bitcoin platform on licensing its technology and other intellectual property to another bitcoin market participant
  • Represented a bitcoin platform that allows debit card use for bitcoin withdrawals and provides a secure vault of institutional investors to store bitcoin in a $20 million financing
  • Advised a leading bitcoin payment service provider on issues related to currency processing
  • Represented a bitcoin forex trading platform in connection with regulatory compliance and general corporate matters
  • Represented a digital currency company in the first ever digital currency enforcement action by FinCEN, and a related DOJ settlement
  • Represented Sand Hill Exchange  in responding to an SEC enforcement action relating to derivative contracts and bitcoin


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