Press Release
May 28, 2019

Goodwin Expands Use of Artificial Intelligence with Kira Systems


Global law firm Goodwin has significantly expanded its commitment to using Kira Systems (“Kira”), machine-learning contract analysis software. Following an initial review of competing technologies and a year-long introductory trial license, Goodwin has committed to an expanded renewal license with Kira.

Kira’s award-winning software uses machine-learning technology to uncover information in contracts — even when the wording varies from document to document. Over the course of the trial period, Kira has proven to help Goodwin lawyers reduce time spent on manual contract reviews.

“Leveraging Kira for artificial intelligence due diligence has enhanced our lawyers’ workflows, in turn increasing the value we are delivering to our clients,” said Patty Johansen, Goodwin’s Director of Knowledge Management who leads the firm’s global initiative to embed technology within its transactional practices. “Our M&A associates have embraced the Kira platform, with many referring to it as their ‘secret weapon.’”

Goodwin has embedded the Kira software within the workflows of its Mergers and Acquisitions, and Real Estate Leasing practices. The firm intends to extend deployment to other relevant parts of its business.

“Goodwin is a leader in legal innovation,” said Noah Waisberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Kira Systems. “We are delighted to continue to work with the firm as it considerably expands its use of our machine learning technology and offers marketing-leading solutions to its clients.”