Awards and Rankings
January 12, 2021

Goodwin Clients Achieve Unprecedented Global M+A Success In 2020


The recently released league tables from Refinitiv have named Goodwin the number one legal advisor (by Deal Count) for global M&A in 2020, as the firm represented clients on more than 640 completed transactions. In addition to these rankings, 2020 league tables from Mergermarket and Bloomberg highly ranked Goodwin for its ability to partner with clients on a variety of M&A, private equity and capital markets transactions across geographies, including Europe and Asia.

Goodwin’s recognition is a credit to the resiliency, strength and creativity of the firm’s clients. Despite the challenges of the past year, these innovators and investors have utilized Goodwin’s capital-meets-innovation platform to continue to expand their business and embrace change. As a result, they have transformed the technology, life sciences, healthcare and real estate sectors, and are well-positioned for future success.

“People aren’t going to go back to buying smoke-stack companies or old economy companies,” said Stuart Cable, Goodwin’s Vice Chairman and Global Head of M&A, in a recent Bloomberg Law article entitled, “Tech M&A to Drive Busier 2021 For Deal Lawyers After Tough Year.” According to Cable, “The action in M&A will continue to be in innovation because that’s where the growth is at all of these companies.” 

Goodwin’s standout 2020 league tables results for clients include:

Refinitiv Global M&A (Deal Count)

  • #1 Global M&A (Announced)
  • #1 Global M&A (Announced, including Withdrawn)
  • #1 Global M&A (Completed)
  • #1 Global M&A Principal Advisors (Announced)
  • #1 Global M&A Principal Advisors (Completed)
  • #1 U.S. Target (Completed) 
  • #1 Any U.S. Involvement (Completed)
  • #2 Any U.S. Involvement (Announced)
  • #2 U.S. Target (Announced)

Mergermarket Global M&A (Deal Count)

  • #2 U.S. Exits
  • #2 Global Exits
  • #4 Europe Exits (Up from #90)
  • #4 U.S. Buyouts
  • #4 U.S. M&A
  • #5 Global M&A
  • #5 Global Buyouts
  • #8 Europe Buyouts

Bloomberg Global M&A (Deal Count)

  • #2 Hong Kong (Announced) (Up from #29)
  • #3 Global (Announced)
  • #3 U.S. (Announced)
  • #9 France (Announced) (Up from #20)
  • #10 UK (Announced) (Up from #22)
  • #11 Europe (Announced) (Up from #20)
  • #12 German (Announced) (Up from #24)

Bloomberg Global M&A Mid-Market (Deal Count)

  • #3 Global Mid-Market (Up to $250m)
  • #3 Global Mid-Market (Up to $500m)
  • #3 Global PE (Up to $250m)
  • #3 Global PE (Up to $500m)
  • #3 U.S. Mid-Market (Up to $250m)
  • #3 U.S. Mid-Market (Up to $500m)
  • #6 UK Mid-Market (Up to $250m) (Up from #20)
  • #7 UK Mid-Market (Up to $500m) (Up from #22)
  • #9 Western & Eastern Europe (Up to $500m) (Up from #23)
  • #10 Western & Eastern Europe (Up to $250m) (Up from #22)

Bloomberg Global Capital Markets (Deal count)

  • #3 US Equity Offerings (Issuer)
  • #3 US Equity Offerings (UW)
  • #4 Global Equity, Equity Linked & Rights (Issuer)
  • #6 Global Equity, Equity Linked & Rights (UW)
  • #6 US IPOs (Issuer)