Press Release
February 1, 2021

Goodwin Supports Launch Of Black In-House Counsel Annual Report

Goodwin is a proud sponsor of Chief Legal Executive LLC’s newly launched Black In-House Counsel Annual Report, a review of Black leadership in corporations and law firms. The inaugural report focuses on the people, numbers, and macroeconomic and societal forces that will drive lasting change for Black lawyers, and includes stories on:

  • Why “performative diversity” is so often the path of least resistance — and how companies can recast their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to achieve “transformative profitability.”
  • The phenomenon of “malicious compliance” — intentional efforts by people in law firms to thwart the success of Black partners and associates.
  • General counsel at a dozen companies on the ways they have actively put their DEI goals to work not only in their legal departments but throughout their companies.
  • Pledges that Leadership Council on Legal Diversity members have been making to demonstrate their personal and professional commitments to change and to provide metrics that will show that their efforts are taking hold.
  • Rapidly increasing numbers of Black attorneys moving into general counsel and board director positions — growth that has increased substantially in just the past year.

The report also features a spread on Goodwin’s capital-meets-innovation platform and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a spotlight on Private Equity partner Carl Bradshaw, Consumer Financial Services Litigation and Enforcement partners Sabrina Rose-Smith and Tony Alexis, Technology partners Caine Moss and Jesse Nevarez, and Intellectual Property Litigation partner Calvin Wingfield.

Read the report here, and click here for a complimentary subscription to Black In-House Counsel’s monthly newsletter highlighting significant wins, quarterly networking and learning events, and additional programming that will elevate Black excellence.