Press Release
December 20, 2021

Goodwin Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Named 2021 Inclusion Blueprint Champion


Goodwin’s Intellectual Property Litigation group was named a 2021 Inclusion Blueprint Champion by Diversity Lab and ChIPs. The award recognizes Goodwin’s leadership in proactively tracking and taking action on inclusion actions and practices that correlate to greater diversity.

To be recognized, the Intellectual Property Litigation practice achieved high scores for current diversity representation based on average or above-average thresholds; year-over-year diversity representation progress; diversity representation tracking; and meaningful inclusion practices and activities. In addition to measuring the diversity representation thresholds and inclusion actions for women and underrepresented racial and ethnic lawyers, this year’s scoring included thresholds and actions for lawyers who identify as LGBTQ+.

The practice was also awarded for committing to implementing a “Do Something Hard” action in 2022: partners in the practice will staff each new relationship with teams that consist of at least 50% diverse lawyers (associates and/or partners) who have direct access to and regular interactions with clients.

“At Goodwin, we are committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and has the same support and opportunities for success,” said Daryl Wiesen, chair of Goodwin’s Intellectual Property Litigation practice. “We are thrilled to be recognized for the inclusive practices of Goodwin’s IP Litigation team as we strive to become the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive law firm in the industry.”

The Inclusion Blueprint — launched as a collaboration between Diversity Lab and ChIPs — is a one-of-a-kind assessment that provides firm management and practice group leaders with a roadmap of inclusion practices that they should employ and track to ensure their underrepresented lawyers have fair and equal access to quality work, influential sponsors, and other opportunities. It also outlines diversity representation thresholds they should strive to reach by incorporating and monitoring these inclusion practices.

Diversity Lab is an incubator for innovative ideas that boost diversity and inclusion in law through data and behavioral science.

ChIPs is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing and connecting women in technology, law, and policy.

For more details on the 2021 Inclusion Blueprint and its findings, read the press release.