In the Press
April 30, 2022

'Right To Be Forgotten': Israel Firm Promises To Purge Digital Footprint (Barron’s)

Three young Israelis formerly serving in military cyber units have figured out how to locate your digital footprint -- and give you the tools to delete it. But lawyer Omer Tene, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity partner at Goodwin and co-founder of the Israel Tech Policy Institute, cautioned that deleting specific individual requests was "a complicated technical exercise". Some companies and organisations cannot legally delete information like blockchains or records of financial interactions needed for tax purposes. Even information that can be deleted is often kept in varying degrees of identifiability, Tene said. "All of this nuance makes it difficult to deliver on a promise from both the consumer side and the corporate side, to enable deletion by pressing a button," Tene warned. Read the Barron’s article here.