In the Press
October 14, 2022

The Next Generation of Law Firm Leadership (SpencerStuart)


Over the past few years, top global law firms have continued to grow in operational complexity while delivering exceptional financial performance and client outcomes. Having top legal talent and firm and practice leadership will always be a primary focus for top law firms. However, that is no longer enough. Firms are investing significant human and financial capital in the people, processes and systems that comprise a world-class firm — not just in support staff for legal practice areas like corporate and litigation, but also in the finance, human resources, marketing, communications and operations functions. “Operational excellence… is what continues the train moving down the tracks,” said Mike Caplan, Chief Operating Officer at Goodwin, while speaking with SpencerStuart. He manages the firm's business, financial and administrative operations. “You must be innovative, creative and have a top support staff.”