In the Press
October 26, 2022

The Road to Making Birth Control Pills Over-the-Counter in the U.S. (Axios)

Reproductive health advocates and Democratic lawmakers are intensifying calls for the Food and Drug Administration to make contraceptives available without a prescription ahead of a closely watched advisory panel meeting next month. Health experts say making HRA Pharma's Opill pill available without a prescription will prevent more unwanted pregnancies, and the need for abortions. FDA advisers will meet on Nov. 18 to review the application for Opill, which has been available with a prescription in the U.S. since 1973. Two advisory committees will consider switching the drug from prescription to over-the-counter and weigh how the drug itself is used, said Susan Lee, Life Sciences and FDA partner, while speaking with Axios. The application process for HRA Pharma's drug has been particularly fast. The speed is "unusual," Lee said, adding that normally the FDA schedules advisory meetings closer to when the agency is ready to make a final decision.