In the Press
January 4, 2023

Term Sheet (Fortune)

Welcome to 2023, and a special edition of Term Sheet, where Fortune asked readers—a slew of VCs, founders, private equity investors, and bankers—to look into their crystal ball and tell us what to expect in the year ahead. “2023 will see regulators, legislators, and litigants continuing to focus on privacy rights of minors," said Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity partner Jacqueline Klosek. "In the coming year, we will see these trends continue, while we also witness the virtual explosion of technological solutions to assist in the protection of the privacy interests of minors.” Debt Finance partner Kris Ring predicts, "private credit will continue to be the overwhelming source of capital over broadly syndicated debt for LBOs until interest rates level off and the pricing flex built into broadly syndicated debt narrows and stabilizes. The check sizes of private credit lenders will continue to be smaller than those provided in early 2022, which means more private credit lenders clubbing together for sponsors for larger LBOs."