In the Press
January 9, 2023

Breaking Down Enforcement of Meta’s Legal Basis for Personalized Ads (International Association of Privacy Professionals)


Last week, Ireland's Data Protection Commission fined Meta 390 million euros — 210 million euros against Facebook and 180 million euros against Instagram. In its decision, the DPC announced the platforms’ basis for seeking user permission to collect data for personalized advertising is invalid and gave the company three months to bring data processing operations into compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. “The decision reflects a deep and widening chasm between privacy regulators in the EU,” said Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity partner and IAPP Westin Emeritus Fellow Omer Tene, while speaking with International Association of Privacy Professionals. Tene noted a fundamental disagreement between the DPC, supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Board over contract as a legal basis for personalized advertising.