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January 9, 2023

What to Know About Getting Abortion Pills at Your Local Pharmacy (The Washington Post)


For the first time, retail pharmacies can dispense abortion medication pills directly to consumers in states where the procedure is legal, after the Food and Drug Administration made a long-sought rule change in early January, according to The Washington Post. The subsequent decisions by CVS and Walgreens, the two largest drugstore chains in the United States, to seek certification to offer the pills, as required under the rule change, are expected to expand access to the procedure. The pharmacies' need to meet the regulatory requirements, from training staff to tracking shipping, could increase costs, some experts say. On the other hand, an increase in demand could help push prices down. "It's really hard to say in a straightforward way what the overall effect on cost would be," said Susan Lee, Life Sciences and FDA partner, who advises biologics and drug companies on regulatory and compliance matters.