In the Press
March 13, 2023

Abortion Pill Court Docket Delay Concerns Legal Advocates (Bloomberg Law)

A hearing this week in the contentious fight over an abortion drug was announced Monday after the federal judge presiding over the case got blowback for trying to keep it concealed from the public. Attorneys said it’s extremely rare, even unconstitutional, for the public not to get notice of a court hearing. When cases garner as much interest as this fight has since it was filed in November, it’s even more important for a court to conduct hearings openly and per customary process so the public can see the basis for the court’s decision, said Susan Lee, a Life Sciences and FDA partner, who counsels biologic and drug makers. “Secrecy and procedural deviations have the potential to erode public confidence in the even-handedness of the judiciary and violate the core principles of transparency and public access that are fundamental to our democratic government,” she said to Bloomberg Law.